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By continually focussing on the latest innovative products, advanced installation techniques and ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied with each job we have grown substantially over the past few years. Its this commitment to complete satisfaction that we pride oursleves on, most customers are daunted by the task of selecting a company to carry out their works with a host of frustrating problems from high-pressure salesmen to one man in a van and complicated planning matters.

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Finishing Touches


Available in White, light Oak and Woodgrain, traditional features with all the benefits of modern PVCu.

Our white conservatories are the perfect complimentary choice to add to any property with white window frames. They’re also the ideal choice for anyone looking to gain the effect of a truly contemporary feel without sacrificing on timeless qualities such as comfort and reliability.

To complement our range of traditional white designs, we also offer a variety of colours, including wood grains, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of a timber-effect finish. A woodgrain conservatory is ideal for anybody looking to create something different, distinctive and truly desirable. We are also able to accommodate those looking to add a more historical or traditional feel to their homes by offering you an authentic light oak colour.

You can even enjoy a true timber appearance on the exterior of your conservatory, whilst the interior is pristine white to provide a light and airy feel to your new living space. Whichever colour you choose, you can be assured of high performance insulation, thermal and weathering properties, that you can enjoy for years to come.

Glass & Glazing

We have made a considerable investment in designing our window and door systems to attain new heights in specification, quality and performance. Our modern technology products bring all the clarity and beauty of traditional window treatments but without the maintenance worries. These modern day designs are more striking than their traditionally made counterparts.

Jewel & Bevel Designs

Jewel - like bevels were always the domain of the master glazier - in times gone by an elegantly crafted window decoration only for the very rich. Modern day advancements frees the window designer to produce bevels for a much broader market. Our bevels can be enjoyed from both inside and outside the home.

Leaded Designs

As with the Georgian bar, but of an earlier period, lead provided the perfect answer to using very expensive small panes of metal/glass to manufacture. Modern day decorative lead is easy to clean and allows the use of stains, colours and decorative inserts. The most common designs are diamond and square - often used with colour overlays.

Window Bars

Window bars are most commonly used now to reflect the Georgian era, although they are equally pleasing in simple forms such as single, open vertical bars in cottage or farmhouse styles and the crossbars of a much grander property.

The Georgian Bar style is aesthetically pleasing with almost any type of house and complements many door designs. Astragal Bars can be fitted to any door or window within our range. They enhance the look of doors or windows by giving them the traditional Georgian appearance of individual panes, whether in new or old homes

Decorative Glass

By utilising an extensive range of components our master glaziers can recreate almost anything you desire, allowing you the freedom to make your home as unique as you!

Adding the personal touch of lead, coloured glass or bevels is very easy to achieve. Our definitive range of styles is inspired by the decorative influences of past ages and includes classical and traditional floral designs as well as ‘art noveau’ and contemporary styles.

Each of our designs are carefully prepared using high specification, colour-stable polyester film with built in UV inhibitors and natural finish pure lead strips. The designs are equally effective when applied to clear or patterned glass.

Obscure Glass

For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, decorative glass gives you a whole range of attractive options. By allowing maximum light while maintaining privacy or obscuring unattractive views it is perfect for when that little extra privacy is need, and can also form an attractive decorative feature itself. With new texture designs regularly added and the etched glass range offering even more possibilities, we feel we offer the most comprehensive selection.


We respect that each property is different, from period to modern, which is why we have worked continuously on providing not only the most advanced security products, but also some of the most desireable. We offer a comprehensive selection of letterplates, numerals, spyholes and handles - all available in a wide array of colours and specifications, for more details why not get in touch today.